– Positive for People and Planet

An illustrated Young Adult Novel written by George and Ehrengard Hohbach with Scott Marcano

Illustrations by Juan Romera

An Action Comedy based on the extraordinary life story of Michael Braungart, world-renowned chemist and co-founder of the groundbreaking Cradle to Cradle design concept


World-renowned, millennial-aged chemistry professor Michael Braungart is the humorous and clever co-founder of the revolutionary Cradle to Cradle (C2C) design concept that brings back Nature’s eco-intelligent and climate-smart recipe of nutrient cycles to human civilization. C2C offers the empowering possibility to get people and the environment on a mutually beneficial track into a future of increasingly positive effects.

When the U.S. president personally asks Michael to help the U.S. avert two highly dangerous international crises, Michael as Agent C2C, his two American dare-devil cohorts plus the young, courageous daughter of the U.S. president see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get countries around the world to faster transition to a C2C-based, eco-intelligent and climate-smart circular economy. To take advantage of this opportunity, they first have to survive their secret missions and succeed in overcoming the severe, biological and technological, global terrorist threats.

Background chapter: a chapter with background information on Michael Braungart and the Cradle to Cradle design concept plus the song AGENT C2C as sheet music.


© 2006-2024 by George and Ehrengard Hohbach

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