MICHAEL & MIA - An Adventure in the Positive Cycle of Nature

An illustrated Middle Grade Novel written by George and Ehrengard Hohbach with Scott Marcano

Illustrations by Juan Romera

An adventure and discovery journey based on the extraordinary life story of Michael Braungart, world-renowned chemist and co-founder of the groundbreaking Cradle to Cradle design concept


Michael and Mia become best friends while collaborating together as a great team during their school’s project days. As young, fun-loving chemistry fans they are infinitely curious. With their magically powerful minds, they enjoy the beautiful wonders, that the great living network, the mysterious dynamic unity and the marvelous balance of Nature contain; be it in an adventurous trip to space or visiting a surprising nature reserve.

Yet, frightening pollution in all its forms, time and again, gets in their way. It makes them feel increasingly scared and sad. The amazing, precious balance of Nature on their incredible home planet seems to be broken. It is frustrating. One dangerous event after another causes Michael and Mia to desperately start searching for a smart solution to the many and growing environmental problems and challenges.

Just when all hope seems to be gone - as Michael and Mia have to face an increasingly overwhelming technological and biological threat in the form of a mad robot and its countless, destructive cohorts - the two young, unyielding heroes discover a simple, clever and totally natural recipe. It is empowering. It makes them feel upbeat again, and they realize that they have fallen in love, too (Yep! first-kiss moment). Their unique, science-based solution has the potential to unite Nature and Technology constructively and goes easy on earth’s finite resources. NOW, people and the environment can get back on a balanced track: into a prosperous future that is positive for people and planet and allows humans to feel happy about themselves. Can the two courageous heroes spread the stunning news about their smart circular discovery quickly enough?

Background Chapter: an illustrated chapter with background information on chemist and C2C co-founder Michael Braungart and the Cradle to Cradle design concept plus the song “Nature Lives” as sheet music.


© 2006-2024 by George and Ehrengard Hohbach

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